2020 tailings car short-haul 2019-11-29
2019 second temporary shares 2019-10-14
2019 first temporary shares 2019-8-31
2018 Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2019-6-2
2017 Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2018-6-12
Tailings tender notice 2020-1-15
Tailings tender notice 2019-12-17
Long-term sales of copper smelting slag selection tailings 2019-5-14
Long-term sales of zinc sulfate heptahydrate 2019-5-14
Procurement and disposal of cathode carbon 2019-5-14
Procurement of lead oxide ore and copper smelting tobacco 2019-5-14

Zinc sulfate heptahydrate-Xinchengtong flagship store

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Phone: 0714-5391727 Fax: 0714-5391727

Address: No. 5 Daguang High Speed Link, Xinxialu District, Huangshi City

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